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Profoundly devoted to the values of excellence and craftsmanship, Diamond Foam embodies a distinctively Pakistani form of elegance. Knowing that our days are defined by how we spend our nights, we researched the science behind sleep to set the international standards for comfort and sophistication. Since 1974, we have been making your dream bed as we remember our promise to help you achieve your best life possible. Today, Supreme Foam and Dolce Vita - Luxury Sleep System make Diamond Foam a byword for comfort and we stay matchless in bedding, furniture and healthcare industry.


Our passion is to let you enjoy a higher quality of life by crafting the best mattresses with the finest materials nature has to offer. It goes without saying that the quality of a bed will ultimately come down to the materials used to make it. With the best fibers lined between layers, every Diamond-made mattress is set to be a sleeper hit.

At Diamond Foam, we develop better sleep solutions for improved mood, greater health and happiness - a challenge that calls for dexterity. Wake up to the benefits of sleep with Diamond beds manufactured with pride and care. While all bed companies claim comfort, we give you that little extra something you need to calm your body and soul.