How to make a small bedroom feel bigger

With all the partying and celebrations this winter, your sleep must have gone for a toss. It won't harm you to sleep late at night and wake up late the next morning once in a while, it might throw your body clock off-balance, making it difficult for you to maintain a healthy sleep routine later. However, rewiring your body clock isn't very difficult. Follow these simple tips to set keep your body clock in check. Before we get onto the tips, understand that there are two sets of sleeping patterns and identifying the set you belong to will help you work better on setting your body clock.

Set 1: People in this category face no issues while sleeping and setting their body clock. These people sleep at regular time every day and get up early in the morning.

Set 2: These are people who have a bad body clock and have worked hard to set it right. But with a simple mistake like sleeping late one night, everything goes for a toss and they have to work on it again from the beginning. Here's how to set your body clock after a night of partying. Call it a night: Your body needs about seven-eight hours of sleep every night. Staying awake till late and compromising on your sleep is not a good idea. Even when you are out partying, call it a night latest by 1 am.

Don't move your wake up time: By any chance, if you failed to hit the sack on time last night, don't worry, just try to get up on time the next day. This way your body clock is not disturbed and you can continue to follow the set routine every day. If you wake up at 8 in the morning, then a delay of an hour or two won't cause any harm in your daily schedule. But a long difference in your wake up time like from 8 am to 2 in the afternoon might prolong your sleep time that day and this will continue for the next few days.

Ditch your late night coffee: Drinking coffee will further prevent you from sleeping. Not only this, any form of stimulation like smoking or energy drinks will prevent you from sleeping on time. Maintain a gap of an hour before bedtime: Don't just fall on your bed as soon as you finish the fun. Loud music and full stomach might further delay your sleep time. Maintaining a gap of an hour or two might help you get in the sleeping mode without any complications.

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Awais khan

3 hours ago

Very informative article. I will consider your advice for sure.

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21 hours ago

Man, who cares about the sleep when you are making money.