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Foam Mattress

Since time immemorial man has strived to better their living standards with particular emphasis being placed on sleeping. Mattress is derived from two words “Mat to Rest”. At the turn of the last century foam mattresses were invented. With continuous research and development this product was refined and reached the level that is used these days.

Since its inception in 1974, Diamond Foam has continuously strived to excel in the field of providing the best comfort in terms of sleep. This dedication to provide the best to the customer and the strict adherence to our quality policy has made Diamond a house-hold name. With factories in Pakistan , Egypt and Dubai , Diamond truly has become an international brand.

With a wide range of products Diamond Foam is one of the leading foam brand in Pakistan . Choose any of our products and you are guaranteed a product which meets the world's standard for quality and durability.

Our huge product line ensures that no matter what your requirement is or how much you are willing to spend, we have just the right product for you. With our network of over 500 dealers in all parts of Pakistan we ensure that our product is readily available no matter where the customer is based.





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