Compatible with most bed frames, Diamond Foam mattresses are ideal for sleepers of any height and weight. Because our manufacturing is purely based on customer feedback, Diamond Foam ranks amongst highest rated mattresses in the world. Our team works on creating the world's best sleep experience offering quality bedding in polyurethane foam, memory foam, latex foam, bonnell spring and pocket spring. As Pakistan's most trusted manufacturers of beds and pillows, we continuously research the art of sleep to make your bed any more comfortable. Through user testing, we introduced Diamond Supreme Air Max, designed to maintain constant air circulation for ideal bed temperature. Our dual-sided mattress with infused gel technology, Supreme Smart Gel - world's first smart mattress - combats extreme weather conditions. Diamond Supreme Memory, our high-density wonder paired with latex sheet and memory foam is all you need to stay in bed. And because nothing we say about Diamond mattresses can compare with trying them out for yourself, buy them today.


Ensuring highest environmental production standards, our fine raw materials are the reason behind our soft, cushy mattresses.


Considering firmness, rebound speed and density, we use high-quality foams to develop a well-balanced sleep surface.


We spend time on every mattress we stitch. In other words, we have been committed to crafting the best sleep.