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Spring Mattresses are considered to be orthopedically better than foam mattresses. Due to ventilators in spring mattress they provide a better and cooler sleep surface. There are two kinds of spring mattresses under the Dolce Vita umbrella.

  1. Pocket Spring Mattress
  2. Bonnell Spring Mattress


Pocket Spring Mattress:

Made with more than a thousand pocket springs, each pocket springs is encased individually in soft non-woven fabrics, ensuring that each spring acts independently. This ensures a sleep surface that provides all the rest and relaxation you crave. Absorbing weight of that particular part of the body which rests on it. A Dolce Vita pocket spring mattress ensures that you sleep with a straight spinal cord. Each spring is made from the best imported wire on state of the art Italian machinery. We use the best possible imported Jacquard fabric for our mattresses.

Also Dolce Vita Pocket Spring Mattresses ensure there is no. roll-together effect.

Bonnell Spring Mattress:

Each row of Bonnell coils is laced to adjoining rows with head to toe connecting wires, providing less motion sensitivity. This helps to isolate sleepers from the other's movements and reduces the likelihood that sleepers will roll into the middle, for a better nights sleep all around. Generally in spring mattresses of other makes, these wires are tied side to side which can cause different weight sleepers to roll together and transfer motion be tween sleepers. Made from the best imported wire Dolce Vita Bonnell Spring Mattress take you in to a world of comfort and relaxing sleep.

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