This Independence Day, We are looking for
Proud & Passionate Pakistanis who have something to say, a voice that comes straight from their hearts on a Pakistan they want

Video Qualification Criteria 1. Start the Video Wish with your Introduction, Name, Age, City
2. Next, Begin your wish with the Key Words "My Supreme Wish for Pakistan…"
3. Ensure Video Does Not Exceed 69 seconds
4. One Person may only submit One Entry, Multiple submissions will lead to disqualification
5. Competition ends 13th August at 10am. Video Judging Criteria 1. Clarity of Voice and of The Submitter-Choose a Quiet and Bright Place to Record Your Video Wish
2. Thought Process and Impact of Your Video- Make what you say meaningful, provoking or inspirational.
3. Avoid Abusive Language or Defamation of any Individual


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You are a Proud & Passionate Pakistani.Be the Force of Change. Making your wish a reality starts with you! You just have to find the Supreme version of you in your heart, mind and action.

Be a Patriot Family and Friends